I’m doing what a maverick would do in this situation.

OH EM GEE. I am super busy. I’m not sure how I’m finding time to blog about how much I don’t have time to blog, but whatevs. 

First of all, I would like to declare my undying love for Twitter (for my microblogging needs). The 2nd Presidential Debates were tonight, which were in Nashville, Tenn. at Belmont University (which I’ve never heard of until last month, and apparently it’s right next door to Vandy).

Alas, I could not witness this momentous event because I was at equally important event: my intramural flag football game against Kappa Delta (and actually knowing what was going on). I play a mean tight end  (cue the “that’s what she said” comments) even though I think I’m too small to be on the offensive line. KD didn’t even show up, so we automatically win, and we spent like 45 minutes practicing our plays.

An hour and a half later, filled with hellfire and domination and happy endorphins from running around and being with my friends, I tuned into the live debate stream on CNN.com (God bless them) and just caught Dan Rather’s “..and that concludes tonight’s debates.” But all was not lost, since I logged into my Twitter and read up on my friends’ inspiring tweets while they were livetweeting the debates. How awesome is that? Anyone with a Twitter account and a TV can watch, offer their commentary, and other random people like me can read that and be edified, thanks to Twitter’s live tweet-ticker. I absolutely love it. Along with shoes, M.I.A. (pre-Pineapple Express), Cold War Kids, and cheap sweaters from Zara. 

I have my beat reporting class tomorrow. Even though it’s so demanding, I enjoy the part where I get out of the university bubble and get to know people in the community. It’s taught by 2 professors, and one of them is pretty chill, but that automatically means the other professor is a hardass. Yup. We have like 40 pages of reading on top of following a beat. Outrageous. I’m betting 2/3 of my class will show up drunk like they did last Friday, and at least class will be entertaining. Loves it! I also love how the J-School is 99.9999% female and maybe an hour in the J-Lab will catch you up on whatever gossip happened over the weekend. It’s pretty much the way I stay informed.


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