I’m not sure how I feel about the “juice.”

Speaking of gossip, my school finally got on Juicy Campus literally last night, and already there are 7 pages of “hottest frat lords ever,” “who is the most hated person on campus” and “Richard Clayton Payne IV is a douche” and other topics of that nature.

For those of those of you who aren’t aware, Juicy Campus (hereafter JC) is a website where people from different universities can post unmoderated and unrestricted statements about anyone. The catch? It’s also completely anonymous. 

As this one guy in my art history class described it, ” [Juicy Campus is] like Mean Girls but online. It’s like mean Facebook.” 

What kind of legal issues does this raise? Libel? Defamation? Hurt feelers? Communications Decency Act protects them from liability for user generated content, but what if the site is essentially UGC? Doesn’t JC have some sort of responsibility since we can’t trust ourselves not to defame each other?

My guess is most of the posts have been written by the same group of people (I’m putting my money on sophomores and/or KDs). But theoretically, what if they talk smack, an employer sees that and doesn’t hire me, and I want to sue their sorry rich asses?  Will I get an IP address from either JC or university?  

My source says that if you use campus Internet (this includes campus computers, wireless, etc) to post some libelous comment on JC, university is prepared to hand over your IP address should a libel suit require it. Le source also tells me that it a letter would be going out tomorrow. 

ETA: I checked my mail and that cautionary email is indeed out, as of 4:31 pm. But right before a two-day break? Convenient timing, no?


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