My life exists in portions less than 700 words

I should be doing any great number of things rather than blogging, but a lot has happened since then.

Most importantly, I got my ass kicked (and did some ass kicking of mine own) by Election Coverage 2008. I followed the mayoral races, got misinformed (hungout at the courthouse waiting for returns when you can just get them online), and even got to do a phoner at the Republican party location. Ten minutes after I got there, the bar cleared out. So, I did a phoner in an empty bar and rambled for at least a minute on how empty the place was. Whoo.

I was in the j-lab when CNN called the race for Obama. Most people were ecstatic, partly from overwork and sleep deprivation, while those who pulled for McCain were simply quiet. I was so exhausted and I’m still recovering but BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

I went to Frank Warren’s talk at JMU with my friend Robin tonight. Frank is the man created PostSecret, an ongoing art project where anonymous people from all over America and the world can mail in their secrets on a postcard. His speech, though repetitive, touched me. It really made me think about how secrets have the power to alienate and unite us, and how they are both a burden and a chain.

Something to think about.


The most damaging secrets are the ones we refuse to admit to ourselves.


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