To ALL the veterans out there

It’s Veterans Day, and unlike every other sane institution in America, classes are still in session. But today hasn’t been so bad. I woke up at exactly 7 am and basically hopped out of bed with unknown strength and excitement after going to bed at 1 am. Super weird.

And because it’s Veterans Day, I think we’re all veterans to some extent. By saying this, I am in no way devaluing the sacrifice of our veterans who have fought wars to ensure our freedom and security. My hat is perpetually off to you and even if I don’t encounter you personally, my gratitude is there.

War is hell. We’ve been through hell. Therefore, we’ve survived war.

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but I’ve been through some tough stuff (it’s not quite a real war or any major psychological problems or whatever), but it was hell when it was full-blown. There was one situation that instantly comes to mind–one struggle against something that to me, was almost as tangible as bullets flying near my figurative face. Eventually, after fighting it out and sticking my ground, I defeated this problem.

So, for those of you still in an ongoing battle, keep on fighting. You’ll eventually win the war.

In my case now, I’m off to wage “a splendid little war” against three opponents: my reporting class in general (we’re old enemies but have this love/hate relationship–meaning I love and hate it), art history (recently brought the big guns–research paper due next Friday), and my history seminar (I need to gain major ground on my termpaper).


One thought on “To ALL the veterans out there

  1. i salute you on your fresh perspective on being a veteran — because of life experiences everyone is a veteran of their own wars. in retrospect, veterans’ day is a day to remember and cherish the victories, lessons and changes that made us a better warrior.

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