live from Portland, it’s thanksgiving break!

Finally, a quick breather before the finish line of Christmas break!

And I almost didn’t make it. I left on Saturday morning, flew to Atlanta, then Minneapolis (Minnehhh-soooohta, you betcha), then finally to Portland. On the way from Minneapolis to Portland, my flight disappeared from the monitors. Tiny freakout ensues. Then I reexamine my itinerary and it says my flight is now on another affiliate flight, but my boarding pass still says it’s on the original one. Oh airlines, you could at least get it together. 

I really love being home right now. Yay for home-cooked meals (my mom just made the most AMAZING bean soup), healthy and organic food that you can’t find in my college town (I ♥ Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods; they’re also cooking our Thanksgiving dinner because my mom doesn’t want to cook it herself), and my mom is using the wood stove to heat our house instead of conventional means (I’m not sure how much energy that saves, but I guess it’s cool if rustic is your thing). 

This week, I get to finish an art history paper, finish reading Swallow Barn (the mind-numbing, gag-reflex inducing tale of happy slaves in their wonderful world of slavery, a lawsuit over the “Apple-pie” region, and a really cliched love story in Virginia), and write a paper on that, and write a paper critiquing the New York Times code of ethics. Whoo. But I’m so not thankful for all that work. 

Okay, let’s Swallow this Barn.


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