Thanksgiving: excellent stuffing, perpetually stuffed.

So, my Thanksgiving was nothing short of awesome, but maybe too short.

Again, it’s always the same time of year where I remember that I have much, much, much to be thankful for. I’m not allowed to complain about anything because (abridged list): I have a mom, family, and God who loves me, I have friends who love me, I have a healthy and functioning body (not sick yet), my brain still works and I will succeed, I’m going places, The Economist, all Kashi products, Twitter, and things of the like.

Thanksgiving dinner was awesome too. Whole Foods cooked us the traditional dinner, and my mom made me turkey egg rolls (there are some in my suitcase, TSA better not have taken them). Delightful. It’s been a year since I tasted the awesomeness of my mom’s egg rolls, and it was definitely worth it. I will say that Whole Food’s stuffing was really good, because I don’t normally like stuffing but I liked theirs. Odd. And this year, I totally didn’t overeat, which was awesome.

The next day, I was a brave soul and did Black Friday at 6 am with my mom and one of her friends. Outrageous. We hit up one of the major malls in the area, and there were SOOOO MANY people at 6:00 am. Most of them were teenyboppers, which I am really surprised about. And the food court was open at 6:00 also, so you could’ve picked up some Sbarro to fuel your shopping adventure. How crazy is that?

I thought that with the economy sucking and in its current trajectory, people would spend less. However, I guess it makes sense that Black Friday sales went up 3%. More people have less money and want to stretch their dollar as much as possible, and getting up to pay $1600 for a 42” plasma TVs is worth it. But is getting that TV or Wii or Xbox worth someone’s life? I’m still really aghast and appalled at the fact that SOMEONE EFFING DIED after being stampeded by hundreds of people for cheap electronics.

 In my case, I didn’t have to resort to any violence. I bought a couple pairs of jeans for super cheap from Anchor Blue (don’t hate; I can fit in their jeans and I like it), 2 cute cardigans from Ann Taylor Loft (one was like $12), a patent leather belt from White House/Black Market, and a really cute silk scarf from Charlotte Russe (don’t judge; I normally think it’s a shitty quality teenybopper store but newsflash, they do have some acceptable accessories). Grand total: roughly $37! Yup.

I didn’t get nearly as much work done as I wanted to do, so that means I am forced to make the most of my time as much as I can. Ugh. 2 research papers due this week and 1 final, but at the end it will be Christmas break. Yay!!

I also didn’t see any friends from home this past week—it was just too short and crazy for anyone else other than my family. Football was a little disappointing. I kinda expected Seattle to lose on Thanksgiving (it’s SEATTLE), but I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. But Oregon State losing to Oregon? By a lot?  Come on Beavs, what was that? Now USC will most likely go to the Rose Bowl = lame.

For now, I’ll be MIA for the next two weeks on matters of substance as I give 2 presentations, turn in 2 research papers, and take 1 final. Wish me well.


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