Done, but so not done for

Bless God, the weeks of joyful inactivity and joyness have finally arrived. Now that I am not super busy, I honestly don’t know what to do with myself or my extra time.

I feel confident about my term this fall. I had an egregriously difficult term (thank you RR), but I had a pretty okay finals week. I had 3 research papers due in a 3 day radius of each other and only one final (which was scheduled).

I feel okay about my history class, RR, and Asian art history, but I’m a little ehhh about j-ethics. Our final paper was a 8-15 page “scholarly” critique of the NYT code of ethics and I only had 2 days to write it. Oh well.

I’m not spending my spring break in South Africa as planned (literally everyone else going canceled because of “the economy”). I’m so bummed! I really really wanted to go. Capetown, South Africa >>>>> New York and Boston / Carribean cruise? but those are still pretty sweet alternatives and it will be nice to spend the time with my friends before we graduate! Oh noes, seriously, where did the time go?

But then again, I’m ready for something new. I’ve done this college thing for the past 3ish years and I want a change.

Maybe not as huge of a change as a sizeable population of my high school pool who are proposing/are engaged/are married already/are babymakers.  Is it wrong that I’m really weirded out by that?

When are you going to do all the crazy fun stuff you’re supposed to when you’re young  when you have to worry about a spouse (can’t get too crazy) or an effing baby? I really don’t see the point in all that.

Yes, I think it’s good to eventually get married and have the children and such, but there will be time for all that stuff. For now, at least for me, I will be free from all that responsibility and enjoy being part of the young folks. I was a very good kid and I have a lot to make up for.

THE BEST-LAID PLANS: graduate from college, go work and have fun in DC (make use of my journalism degree anywhere in the District– WaPo, Times, Independent, The Atlantic, JESS3), also joining me in DC are most of my best college friends (C: changing the world because I know she will, KD: living happily with her accountant boyfriend/future husband, B: medical school at Georgetown), visit the locations I missed during my Grand Tour last year (pretty much Spain, Italy, and visit at least every continent except Antarctica), meet my future Jewish husband, convert to Judaism, get married, have the children, raise the children while still doing some form of writing part-time, go back to Copenhagen, stay in touch with my college friends, buy my mom a house in Virginia with a free-range farm, start a foundation/scholarship for and promoting minorities to enter journalism (I’m thinking of calling it “Minorities Report” or something like that), purposely missing my recurrent high school and college reunions because I’ll be overseas or covering something more important than fake schmoozing, and living a happy and fulfilled life.

I’m excited.

What does Charlie the Unicorn have in common with Indian laborer Prakash?

Answer: “What happened? Aughh, they took my friggin’ kidney!”

ETA: added the last of the clips from RR in Resume + Clips


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