Jess was less.

Okay. Whew. Jess is finally back in the blogging business, just as the last term of my college career begins to pick up.

Maybe it’s senioritis or the unusually cold and rainy weather (but sunny weather has the same effect), but I’m finding it hard to stay motivated to get this project finished. For my journalism capstone, I’m in a group doing an in-depth reporting project on the closing of the landfill in 2012 and what the local government plans to do with the county’s trash after then.

I’m having issues finding the human face in this story. I feel like the only people truly affected are the landfill employees, but many of them are retiring, so

Regular citizens will still leave their trash in garbage cans by their driveway, a garbage truck will pick up their trash and the only difference is that the trash will go to a transfer station (en route to a different landfill) instead of  the county landfill. The best stories are always about people,  and I need to find them among the politics and science in this story.

I’m graduating in 3 weeks. Oh. Em. Gee. I think it’s finally starting to sink in, as I think about jobs (I already have an internship for the summer, which could potentially turn into a job, but I just want to have something else lined up just in case).


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