Damn it feels good to be a gangsta (and also back)

So since the last time I posted, so many things happened. In no particular order (except for maybe loosely chronological), here we go:

Finished the in-depth reporting project

At my university, all journalism majors (professional sequences, so print and broadcast tracks, not mass communications people) must take a six-week in-depth reporting course in the spring. Teams of three to four people report on one topic of importance to the community and put together a website with multimedia elements and also mini packages. My group’s topic was the county landfill closing in 2012 and the preliminary plans for the county’s trash. It wasn’t the most urgent or pressing topic, but it was interesting to see how a landfill works. It was less interesting to wade around through trash and flies to get that good sound and pictures of a compactor.

But finally, after countless late nights in the J-School, it is finally finished and sexy. I’m happy with it for the most part, especially the colors and the header graphic.

Graduated from university


(photo courtesy of my friend’s dad) I finally did it! I now have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and History (though the BA stands for Bad Ass). My degree is framed somewhere in my messy room. I never thought I’d admit this, but I miss college already. Or, I actually miss my college friends already. It sucks not having them 5 minutes away and more like 2,000 miles. That’s the worst.

Started my summer internship for a TV news station in my hometown
It’s been good to me. I’m not a broadcast girl (sorry De) after discovering that I liked the Web side better (and after Fahey or someone telling me that I have a great face for radio) and that’s where all the news is going to end up anyway. Thinking ahead. At my internship, I’ve been basically a web producer for the station’s website for the past month or so, repackaging broadcast elements into something a little more readable and print-friendly with clearly the chillest people in the newsroom.

Apart from the web desk, I sat on the assignment desk for a few traumatizing times (seriously, 5 police scanners going crazy freaks me out a little), went on a few shoots with reporters and photogs (hilarious and outrageous times), logged interviews, gave scripts to anchors and pretended to be a reporter and read things off the prompter to help with some training thing. Oh, and I work nights, so I never see my friends, which sucks.

But being in the newsroom itself is just great. I hear the most random stuff (today: “THE POWER OF REGIS!”) because I always pick the worst time to eavesdrop on a conversation. Working on that. People at my internship are so different and their own characters interacting is so entertaining that this experience would be great fodder for some sort of The Office-esque sitcom. Once I ride this through, I’m going to conceptualize and pitch this. It will be epic and make me lots of money because maybe I’m not the only one sick of cop shows on TV (except for Law & Order: SVU, obvs). It will be called something like “The Newsroom” or something like that. Watch for it.

PS: I am now on LinkedIn, hire me please if you’re a media company on the east coast.


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