So about being back…right

The cool list this week:

  1. Cole Haan: OMG, you guys, you need to buy a pair of his shoes (gentlemen and ladies). They are wonderful and investment-worthy. I bought these black patent Carma pumps (close toed) and they are hot, yet comfy at the same time. It’s like having sweats and your favorite LBD at the same time for your feet. Because of the Nike Air built into the shoe, they are the most comfy pumps I’ve ever owned and therefore so worth it. And purses. I can’t even get started on those. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this one.
  2. “Investing” as a new euphemism for buying stuff: This was the week I could NOT stop shopping and my parents were basically like, “um, wow, you’re an unemployed college student and you just spent a lot of money.” But I say, no, I only spent a lot of money on quality items that will for sure last me a long time. So actually, the cost per wear is actually cheaper for that pair of 7s than spending it on a pair at Forever 21 that will fall apart in a week. Frugal Asian parents, you actually raised me well.
  3. Overheard in the Newsroom: BEST. OVERHEARD SITE. EVER. This one even tops the original NYC and Office overheard sites. Gahh, I love it. Have a read, I promise you’ll be laughing (especially if you work in a newsroom). I leave you with this delightful tidbit. Producer talking about a reporter: “She subsists on diet coke, peanut M&Ms, and the souls of the young.”
  4. Dave Aude‘s club mixes: The man can turn a mediocre pop song into dancefloor gold. Oh man, his studio stuff is good. I heard this one in a club somewhere and I’m hooked: 

The other stuff:

When I tell people about my job adventures, most people are like, “OMG, you turned down a job in this economy? Why are you so stupid? You know how hard it is for people to find jobs?” False. I’m not stupid, I just want to follow my dreams. If anything, what I did should make me smarter because I know what I want. I don’t want to waste time doing something I’m not as excited about when I could be doing what I truly want (and where I want to be for that matter).

Ugh life, why do I have to have tough choices and then live with them?

Blogging has turned out to be a more difficult relationship than I planned it to be. Mostly because blogging is like a relationship. It requires time, effort and energy.

Oh, and I hate having to wake up early (working nights at the station has seriously screwed up my sleep patterns) to maintain the other relationships in my life. Since I started the smoothie place and added my nightside internship to that, I think I’ve sat down at a family dinner like 3 times and I’ve only seen 2 friends. Now I know how an adult feels.


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