Tonight, as I was going through the rundowns for our 11pm newscast, I encountered the best story slug of my life.

By this time of night I’d already run out of things to write (I’m apparently quick about turning broadcast script and pressers into web stories) and decided to check the 11pm if I missed a story to prep to post on the site.

I came across a story slugged “HOE ATTACK” and I had to do a double take. “Oh my gosh,” I thought, “how can there be a story about a hoe attack?”

So I clicked into the script and uncovered pure ironic gold. It was SO hard to keep myself from lol’ing in the middle of the newsroom.

Apparently in Florida, a reporter was investigating underage strippers (this detail made the story and slug so much better) when she and her news crew were hit by grandmother wielding a garden hoe. Check out the full story from NBC Miami here. Epic.

This is some of the best and funniest footage I have ever seen. I feel REALLY bad for the photog (newfound respect for them) but he did an awesome job getting the scene while being attacked by a hoe.

I think I’m going to miss this internship.


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