We gon’ run this town

It is finished! I had a good last night at my internship. It was anti-climactic and calm, almost like the internship knew that it had run it’s course.

I just got home and I am so exhausted, but because I love lists (not exhaustive because it’s 1 a.m. and I’m sleepy), here we go.

Things I will not miss:

  • the hours (working nightside meant I never saw anyone except the cool kids that work nightside too but even that gets boring after a while)
  • listening to scanners on the assignment desk (serious business and I have great respect for assignment editors now)
  • being the youngest person there and being made fun of for it (“I was at my third station when you were 12 years old.”)
  • people forgetting my name
  • the work (it was fun for a while but got a little routine)
  • awkwardness (um, yeah a lot of that)
  • Ignite training (though it made me more comfortable on camera)
  • getting ignored
  • the site’s CMS (it literally had problems everyday)
  • making obscure pop culture references that no one else gets because they’re too old
  • *** But by far the worst: when one of the sat truck operators literally STEPPED ON ME

Things I will miss:

  • the best people who are clearly on the web desk
  • eavesdropping
  • going out in the field on shoots
  • being in the newsroom and just observing the dynamic between everyone (this is serious sitcom fodder, along with all the crazy stuff I overheard)
  • the rush of working on breaking news
  • the many types of characters I encountered
  • having an excuse to dress cute and professional
  • getting paid (yay, Oregon’s minimum wage is $8.40, better than the national average of $7.25 and Georgia’s $5.15?? Is this even legal still?)
  • anchors who are cool
  • saying that I work for a TV station
  • getting sweet experience (I can safely say I was a legit web producer for 3 months)
  • the feeling you get when you know you beat every other station to the breaking news
  • learning new stuff everyday
  • feeling like I am actually contributing

But whatever the lists may say, I know I walked away from the internship standing tall. I got what I wanted. I got experience, got to contribute significantly, got paid, got a great reference and I’m ready for whatever is next. But at this point, I’m not sure exactly what’s next. What I do know is that I want to move back to DC and get a job there. But if not DC yet, then I want to be someplace other than Portland. As much as I love the city and will always have a special place for it since I grew up here, I’m ready for something different.

I’m cruising to San Fran for ONA in October, and I’m believing for something there. Because why wouldn’t you want to hire me? I can write. I know how to use Twitter (seriously, how do people not know how to retweet) and other new media. I’m hard-working, a fast learner, energetic, creative, have a crazy tireless work ethic and I was a web producer for 3 months. I don’t require that high of a salary (within reason and something liveable) and I don’t have a family to provide for. I’m mobile and can go anywhere and as far as relocating goes, I don’t have a boyfriend whose own plans I have to consider.

A good thing has ended, but I’m taking this like my boy Sinatra:  “the best is yet to come.”


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