The next hip thing from the healthcare debates

Okay. I know I’m a little late on this, but WHAT?! Pres. Obama addresses Congress about healthcare reform, and Congressman Joe Wilson shouts “you lie!”

Watch the clip. Speaker Pelosi’s angry face looking over at Wilson really validates the statement, “if looks could kill.”

Wilson apologized and Obama accepted his apology but I think it’s interesting–how heated of a topic is the healthcare debate is that it has congressmen breaching decorum? Since when does this happen? Maybe things got this crazy when they were debating slavery. I can see William L. Yancey (Rep. from Alabama, Fire-Eater, extreme pro-slavery activist) flipping a shit like that when some Northern congressman says, “all men are created equal.”

Oh and fun fact via Facebook friend! Wilson is an alum from my college (1969).

I also like how “you lie!” is on Urban Dictionary already. So let’s make this the new comeback of the year. From now on, I’m going to use that phrase whenever someone says a) something I don’t agree with OR  b) an insult.


Customer: Um, hey, my smoothie is not blended all the way through.
Jess: You lie!

Friend: What are you doing with your life? Seriously, you need to get it together.
Jess: You lie!

Boyfriend: It’s not you, it’s me.
Jess: You lie!

And so on.


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