I remember

All I could think about today was that it was the same type of day. Like it was eight years ago, the sky was blue without a cloud in sight.

I remember driving to school hearing snippets of crazy on the radio (“the first tower has fallen” and “plane crashed into the Pentagon” etc.), being confused and thinking it was some big joke.

I remember at school that day, we really didn’t focus on whatever curriculum was planned for the day. We were just sitting, glued to TV sets and watching footage of airplanes crash into buildings full of people. I remember my PE teacher canceling PE class and just sitting in her car with some other students and listening to the news on the radio. She had a cousin or nephew or something who worked in the World Trade Center and was understandably distraught. I didn’t know anyone who was in those buildings or those airplanes, but I know someone who did, and that made it hit home enough.

I remember getting home from school and in the subsequent weeks, sitting and watching CNN for any new developments in what happened. History can’t argue that 9/11 was a turning point for America. Since then, everything and nothing has changed.

Never forget.


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