It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Waiting around is painful. It literally sets aside time to overanalyze every little thing, remember the mistakes you made and replay them in endless loops inside your head. Sorry Jenny Lewis, but all the immediate unknowns are NOT better than knowing this tired and lonely fate. With certain things (jobs, serious relationships, etc), in my life I’ve concluded that any definite answer is favorable over room for possibility.

But in the midst of this uncertainty, some things have become clearer to me.

  1. Optimism is always an option. Really. Everyday, regardless of whatever situation you are facing, you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be pissed. Choose to be happy.
  2. I am more certain of the path I am taking. As I have time to truly consider my current life goals and aspirations, which I didn’t have while I was in college, I am convinced I want to enter the online field.
  3. I will miss actually reading what’s in my Google Reader. Right now, I get to think and really churn around ideas in my mind, but once I have a job that will soak it all up.
  4. I am truly, truly blessed. As much as I don’t like my situation right now, I must admit that I have it better than what many people have. Living at home irks me, but I am grateful I don’t have to pay for rent or food or anything like that. I miss my college friends (who, except one, are all on the east side of the country), but I am grateful for my mentors who have advised, counseled and supported me since high school. I don’t have a job that uses my journalism or history degree, but while I’m waiting I have a job that still earns money (although minimum wage, Washington’s $8.55 is better than the national average–$7.25 or Georgia’s–$5.15). I don’t have health insurance, but I have a healthy body. The list could go on.

There’s a time and a place for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. As my other boss reminded me, “the right thing will happen.” It’s not that opportunities aren’t out there. It’s when the right one will come along. For right now, I’m applying myself to as much as I can and I know the right one is there waiting for me. I just realized how this sounds like the search for “the one.”

But really, Sometimes you don’t fall for the first one that comes along, you have to kiss a few frogs to get to the prince and all that inspirational fluff. In other words, seek, knock and I will find.

I hiked up Multnomah Falls and up Larch Mountain over the weekend and my limbs are still sore.

As a sign of the times, my other job is going social media. I get to make a Facebook page and a Twitter account for my other job and I get to update them. I am so excited.


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