The day is mine, Trebek

Day 1 of ONA is done!

First, I love San Francisco so far! The sunny and warm weather is wonderful, coming from Portland’s cold and rainy weather lately. There’s also a huge mall and so many shops near my hotel. Walking around Union Square where all the couture is made me feel so fancy.

I almost didn’t make it to my flight (woke up an hour later than I intended + traffic getting to the airport), but thank God there was no line at security (and the TSA guy drew a happy face on my boarding pass). I’ll give it up to divine intervention for making it here.

I went to the job fair (missed all the career training sessions), passed my resume off, learned about some sweet opportunities, and then went exploring to find some lunch (which ended up being a bottle of Naked juice and a veggie sandwich–with sprouts). At this point, whatevs. If I don’t find a job here, then I’m fine with that. The right thing will happen when it’s meant to happen.

I met up with my friend Nicole (went to college with her and it’s awesome to have a friend who is web savvy also) and one of my journalism professors, so it was a nice round of soaking in Washington and Lee awesomeness (and catching up on J-School gossip). And I’m catching up with some long-lost friends who live in the area, so that will be the icing on top of this conference.

I love having food places within walking distance. I just got dinner from a sweet Mexican grill a couple blocks down. But it’s late, and the keynotes are early in the morning (why; I feel like I need to be more awake to listen to the most important thing).


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