Renegade handmade, or when cute goes horribly wrong

YES. Say hello to the Awkward Family Photos, Cake Wrecks and People of Walmart of the independent craft world!

Most of you know about Etsy, the site for cute, handmade items by independent artists (I don’t like to call them crafters). Though maybe 90 percent of Etsy merchandise is buyable, the 10 percent that is not lives on Regretsy.

This site is outrageous. Visit it and be prepared for hours of WTFing at items such as the Meerkat nativity scene or the masturbating dinosaur wall art or the pink leopard goat coat.


No joke. This is for real. And if you actually like them, you can purchase those ridiculous items, since there’s a link to the creator’s shop in the post.

This really makes me wonder–what is up with our fascination with the worst?

(via If It’s Hip, It’s Here)


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