More proof that Asians never age

Over the past few months, I have encountered this scenario many, many times:

Well-meaning stranger: So what do you go to school for?
Jess: Oh, I’m not in school. I just graduated in June.
Well-meaning stranger: Okay, so where do you plan to go to college?
Jess: No, no, I just graduated from college.
Well-meaning stranger: Oh, so this is awkward. I thought you meant high school.
Jess: Yeah, I get that a lot.

My mom gets a variation of this also, especially when people think we look like sisters. So, my friends have this theory: Asians just don’t age. When they do get old, they just instantly turn into cute little grandmas.

You know Hello Kitty? The cute cat from Japan? Homegirl is 35 now and she doesn’t look a day older!


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