My life just took a turn for the first

I never had it this busy or this good in so long.

My job situation is looking better than it has in a long time. All I can say is I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful network. Maybe not jumping into a company right after school was actually a good idea. I’ve had time to reevaluate and reflect on what I really truly want in a job and how to get there. Obviously, I want and need a job. Those college loans, though not terrible, are still looming. And until I get one, I know it’s out there.

Jess in time (portfolio/clip repository) has been back in action, reloaded, updated and ready to go: I put it in a grid style (the designer in me LOVES this) with a header and I included more than just j-clips, because I’ve got to market myself as something more than just a journalist. I have the basic journalism skills plus more (in my case, creativity and Web skills). I’ve also tagged my clips for more organization, but lately the tagged posts keep changing and Tumblr seems like it’s acting up.

The creative process never ceases, so I redid my resume yet again and have received great feedback! Most people who have seen it like it, but I did have some corporate HR people that found it confusing and hard to read. I’m blessed to have a career coach as a family friend, so she looked over my cover letter and resume and passed the resume over to one of her friends in HR. He wasn’t impressed. I get that. He does HR for hospitals. He don’t care if your resume looks pretty, he just wants to make sure you’re qualified enough to operate on and stick needles in people. But the newsies somehow get it, which is why I think my life would be unfulfilled if I wasn’t working in news in some way.

I also got a Formspring! I actually think it’s part of a fascinating social experiment. If anonymity was guaranteed, would people be as much more candid in their questions as they are with their words on online forums? Those of you who have to moderate reader comments know what I’m talking about.

Ask me anything and receive fast, timely, relevant and  accurate answers (or if not, a close jess-timate, haha). And go.


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