I guess I could learn something from this

Nothing stings quite like missed opportunities. Not that it matters now, but I just had one of those. And now I keep kicking myself in the face or the verbal equivalent, bursting into “Arrrrrrgh” whenever I think about it. I could have had an immeasurably better Sunday night. What makes it worse is that we both thought about it!! Why didn’t either of us do anything!?? Arrrrghhhh!!

At the same time, a missed opportunity opens up to such great and wonderful potential, provided that you plan far enough in advance to take that next opportunity. We’re back in action. It’s exciting now.

It’s also a good teacher. Lesson learned: do not lose contact with certain people on any circumstances. I know it’s vague, and this is kinda for me anyway because I just need to get this out of my head.

Unrelated: So I just Googled myself (image search) and pictures of me and graphics I’ve made for journalism-related things pop up on the first page! Um, thanks Google.


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