In the beginning, God created Jessica:

I was born in the Philippines. This is the fun fact that I tell people at cocktail parties surrounding the cool circumstances of my birth: the day I was born, February 25, 1987, was exactly one year after the departure of Ferdinand Marcos and his authoritarian rule over the islands.

Thus, a huge parade was in session and along with that, a horrible traffic jam. Stuck in this traffic was my mom’s doctor, so she had to give birth to me without him.

Moral of the story: the entire Philippine nation was rejoicing when I was born, so you know that nothing but greatness would be ahead.

We didn’t stay in the Philippines. When I was 3 years old, my family moved to the good ol’ United States and settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

During my rainy childhood, paper and crayons and I were inseparable. When I would go shopping with my mom, I would plop down in what ever store we were in and just start drawing.

In middle school and high school, I graduated into blogging (writing was the only way I felt like I could fully express myself and be understood), which led me to designing (I always wanted to make whatever juvenile blog I was using that month beautiful). In between AP History and calculus, I was teaching myself Photoshop, HTML and CSS.

Eventually, I went to college in Virginia. During those four years, I lived abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and interned at a newspaper in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

I double majored in journalism and history. I found some new things that I liked (economics and Ultimate Frisbee) and found that some old things never went away (design).

I never lost that passion for design. By then, it had grown to making mock newspaper layouts just for giggles and designing brochures and other projects for the student groups I participated in.

After college, I headed back to the west coast and stayed on that journalism path. I interned at a TV station before finally getting a real job at different TV station in California, where I presently work (and also where I met my husband).

In all this, I have come to realize:

  • I love good design. I love seeing it, reading about it and doing it.
  • I want to never stop learning. I want to share what I learn so others can learn too.
  • Life isn’t supposed to be complicated. I want to live as simple as possible.

One thought on “Story

  1. Nice work. I am very proud of your accomplishments.
    Keep it up..Life is a journey..enjoy all the different phases of life, savour every moment, live well with sound
    mind, sharp judgement and live with strong determination and drive to succeed.. Your intelligence, warm personality and amazing smile- use them to your advantage, and always know that you are blessed, for sure You will Win!!

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