The day after tomorrow

Glorious day! I went to my sole job, now that I no longer have a double life, served up smoothies and good customer service, hung out with some people and cruised back.

Earlier, I was rereading through some of my old blogs while “Everything Goes to Shit” by Silent Land Time Machine was going on, and that bred the perfect recipe for nostalgia.

Fall 2007 spent gallivanting around Europe was the best, because looking back, I literally had it all. I had awesome friends, while they didn’t replace my other ones, were the best to have at that time. I had the best boy, who was so cute and a gentleman and amazing at everything and went on to be a financial analyst and kept his job despite the financial crisis. So no matter what my best friend B says, I can pick them. I had the opportunity to travel to some cool European destination whenever I wanted (because Copenhagen is at the heart of Europe).

I went out during weekdays! I drank on the train! This was the life, and I made the most of it while someone else was paying for it (namely my parents wiring me money while I was overseas).

Then I grew up. Once I find a job and move to a new city, I will be still be as young and free, but now with bills to pay and responsibility.

But see, this is the good thing about not being tied to anything at the moment. I could go work in London if I wanted. And while the unemployment rate just went to 9.7 percent, but I don’t think I’m included in that number. So what, recession?

Some girl I went to high school with posted her pregnancy pictures all over Facebook. They’re not really trashy or anything, but why am I so weirded out by them?