Because I never say it enough…

Facebook, from when I went to Germany in 2007

I always told myself to recognize when I’m happy. I feel like our lives get so busy and crazy and there a million more things that make us say, “f my life” that we forget what it means to be joyful.

Today, I went to church, learned something new and now running with it.

I cleaned and rearranged my room for the new year, and I finally hung up my picture frames. I had picture frames full of my college friends and my study abroad adventures and since I’ve been back home, they’ve just been sitting in a pile on my floor.

It took me forever to hang them on the wall because I didn’t think I’d be there for very long. I’d think, “Oh, I won’t be here for long, so what’s the point of hanging them up if I’m just going to leave?”

So instead of enjoying them, the picture frames just sat in a pile. Until now, when I realized that I just need to enjoy whatever situation I’m in. It might not make sense, but it was kind of a big deal.

Then I decided to go for a run by the waterfront, which is the best running spot ever (seriously PDXers check this out), especially in the fall, when the trees look like they’re on fire and it’s reflected on the water. It’s gorgeous.

I drove to waterfront and was about to start running when I was interrupted by a phone call from a long-lost friend, which was completely worth postponing the run after a day of phone tag with a friend I haven’t talked to in like 3 years.

After a very good long talk, I finally started running, put on my music and the most perfect songs I actually wanted to hear played on shuffle as I ran.

And then I got a new 2010 calendar (not this one unfortunately, but something little more sophisticated).

I love it when my days are just full of infectious joy. Absolutely love it. The even better news is that it can last! You choose to create joy in your days, regardless of what happens.