Behold, my investigative journalist skills in action

Like the rest of America, I have been captivated by the TV show Glee. It’s light, fluffy and cute–sounds like a kitten, but one that sings! I love Emma Pillsbury, the guidance counselor! She’s adorable, dresses well and hates germs, which makes her on my cool list.

Jayma Mays plays Emma, and she’s been in Heroes, Entourage and Pushing Daisies, but she’s also a Drunk History alum! For those of you who have not experienced the awesomeness of Drunk History–you need to.

If you didn’t like history in school, you’ll like it better when it’s told drunk.

In Drunk History, historians get drunk and discuss historical events (what I wouldn’t give for ANY of my history professors to get drunk and tell me about Manifest Destiny or the Mexican Cession) while actors and actresses lip-sync. Michael Cera, Jack Black and Danny McBride have all sat in the wig and petticoats.

She was in Drunk History 2.5 (another of the Ben Franklin ones with Jack Black), which I think is the best one. Check it out here: