It’s 2010. What do you see? My future’s so bright, I’m going to need sunglasses.

Ugh, I’ve been away for much too long. I feel like my mind and spirit (crazy, but good crazy) have been awakened after sleeping for so long. Now that 2010 is upon me, I’ve got to ask myself, what do you see in 2010?

  1. Working at my *REAL* job (one that uses my journalism degree, my creative and technical skills, in Washington, DC and even better than I could have ever possibly imagined). I will accomplish this by keeping the dream alive (keep it before my eyes and in my thoughts) and most importantly, believing God’s promises and plan for my life and continuing speaking it into existence.
  2. Begin paying off my college loans. My plan is to get those out of the way in 2-2.5 years or less.
  3. Staying healthy. For once in my life, I’m starting the new year on a healthy foot and I need to keep it this way.
  4. Being a grownup. To me, so far this means to make those tough choices and take responsibility for the choices you make and making the best of the situation.
  5. Making more to do lists to get things done. Now that an app like TeuxDeux has dropped, there’s no excuse.
  6. Curbing my shopping. Outrageously cute stuff + the deep discounts brought on by the recession = monetary policy disaster for Jess. This means shopping my closet (the glut still astounds me) before I buy something, now that a majority of my finances will be spoken for. What if I didn’t buy any clothes/shoes/accessories for a month? Two months? Three? The possibilities are endless. I just need to be more financially prudent.
  7. Keeping up my blog. 3 posts a week. Minimum. On anything.
  8. Having it the other way. I don’t normally take risks; I play it safe. I hate gambling (not just money, anything really). But what if I took more risks?
  9. Not taking no responses personally. While I would love it if every place I applied would send me some reply (whether negative or affirmative), I know that’s probably not going to happen. It might be policy. It might be lack of time.¬†Whatevs, since that is no longer going to get me down.
  10. For God’s sake, get me to the church on time. Now no longer just a song in My Fair Lady, but a literal aspiration. I need to stop being late to church every Sunday!
  11. Choose not to let what people do negatively affect me. Most of the time, I don’t think people realize what they do/don’t do can offend someone. So since they usually didn’t do that out of malice (we all forget stuff unknowingly and don’t wake up and think, “I’m going to forget to call Jess back just to ruin her day”), I’m going to choose not to be offended by that.
  12. Maintain my relationships. They’ve taken a backseat while I drove around in circles via the job situation. I’ve realized that I’ve been isolating myself for the past few months because I felt inadequate about not finding a job right immediately at the end of my internship. So, I need to get back out there and repair my relationships and keep them up, because I can always use some encouragement.
  13. Keep doing something towards what I want to do. I might not have a specific job title in mind, but I know what I enjoy. For me, this means keeping my skills fresh by just doing random projects that exercise them. Number one on my list? Making data visualizations/plans using readily available data.
  14. Not letting the little things get to me. Clearly, there are so many things I want to accomplish in 2010, so I don’t have time for that.

This is your year. What do you see? Take it and own it.

I had a wonderfully low-key season this year and spent the major days (Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s) with family and close friends. Hope everyone enjoyed their past few weeks.

After some reflection, in the spirit of resolutions and starting my year off right, I’ve decided to undergo a full-on media fast for the first 6 weeks. This means no Twitter, Facebook, NetNewsWire, TV, movies and things like that. The media (in general) saturate our lives so fully that we don’t even realize we’re addicted to them. Now that I’ve sufficiently fed my body and soul (with the media), I’m going to focus on feeding my spirit and putting it before the other two.

I’ve been given the gift of another year, and this time, I can’t waste it. It’s my year (and yours too).