I forget how funny frat stars are

Like OMG you guys, it’s like college all over again!

Apparently at our hotel has been overrun with USC students going to the USC v. Cal game at Berkeley tomorrow. At first we thought it was a frat/srat function, but upon confirmation (by actually talking to them), it was because of the game.

Step down into the hotel lobby and back 4 years in time. The hotel floors are almost like the dorms, complete with drunk kids stumbling about, empty bottles of Smirnoff and muffled yells.

I was finally going back up to my room (after waiting for like 2 elevators of drunken frat boys and sorority girls) when two frat boys stepped on our elevator, which otherwise would have been the Sober Express. As much as I like confusing drunk people, I like listening to them even more.

Frat 1: Dude, we’re not on the 16th floor.
Frat 2: I know. We’re in a different tower.
Frat 1: Okay. Just making sure. But we have to go get the alcohol.
Frat 2: No way, Taylor said we had enough already!
Sober person on elevator: How old are you boys?
Frat 1: 21. Old enough to get drunnnk. Sorry, you picked the wrong weekend to stay here.
Frat 2: I’m just going to apologize in advance for how I’m going to act in a couple hours.

By this point, everyone else has already left the elevator and now it’s just me and the bros and they’re like, “You look fun. Why does everyone hate us? It’s not like we’re mean when we’re drunk. Those people never had fun in college.”

Well, at least journalists can hold their liquor much better, says my roommate.