If kindness could kill

She’d be dead in a week. There’s this one girl who has been irrationally rude to me, or so I thought, since sophomore year. She was in one of my classes sophomore year and just gave me really dirty looks, even though we had never actually spoken. Since then, I’ve seen her around in the same building, and she’ll be nice to everyone and outrageously mean to me. At first, I was like, whatevs, but it soon got to me. So like a month ago, I decided to be nice to her, no matter how hard it was or how much my pride suffered. And yesterday, she finally said, “Thank you” in a nice way. Progress! Yes we can!

In reporting class, we have a tradition on Fridays of watching Thursday’s news show and giving feedback. It’s actually pretty therapeutic: our broadcast professor gets to suggest things to improve our shows and gets to encourage us. Today, we watched our election coverage (2 half hour shows, what what), which was really fun to watch. I turned in a package on the mayoral race, and it was fun to watch it again. Oh, and also listen to the most pathetic and funny sounding phoner (I was at the supposed Republican party celebration location, and right after I got there, it was pretty depressing and EVERYONE left. There was literally only me and two other people in the entire bar. I had to ramble for a minute and try not to make my situation sound as depressing as it was. Fun times!). Regardless, I’ve been workstudying on our news shows since freshman year, and this year, they have been so much better than before. Snazzy graphics, over the shoulder graphics, it keeps gettin’ better.

I was telling one of my science major friends about all the work we do in the j-school, and she was like, “OMG, future workaholic.” I get the part about doing your best work and striving for excellence in all that you do, but when does that cross into workaholism?

I welcome you to the end of the 2nd to the last real week of fall term classes. I am overworked yet still super excited. I’m leaving tomorrow for home, since our school gives us a week off for Thanksgiving. Then its a week of class, then finals week, then 3 weeks of Christmas break. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

In the meantime, “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga is on repeat as I finish up some work and then jet off to home!


My life exists in portions less than 700 words

I should be doing any great number of things rather than blogging, but a lot has happened since then.

Most importantly, I got my ass kicked (and did some ass kicking of mine own) by Election Coverage 2008. I followed the mayoral races, got misinformed (hungout at the courthouse waiting for returns when you can just get them online), and even got to do a phoner at the Republican party location. Ten minutes after I got there, the bar cleared out. So, I did a phoner in an empty bar and rambled for at least a minute on how empty the place was. Whoo.

I was in the j-lab when CNN called the race for Obama. Most people were ecstatic, partly from overwork and sleep deprivation, while those who pulled for McCain were simply quiet. I was so exhausted and I’m still recovering but BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

I went to Frank Warren’s talk at JMU with my friend Robin tonight. Frank is the man created PostSecret, an ongoing art project where anonymous people from all over America and the world can mail in their secrets on a postcard. His speech, though repetitive, touched me. It really made me think about how secrets have the power to alienate and unite us, and how they are both a burden and a chain.

Something to think about.


The most damaging secrets are the ones we refuse to admit to ourselves.

To life, to life, la’chaim.

Wow, I was super busy these past weeks and weekends.

It was Parents’ Weekend sans my parents last weekend, but it works out to where I can get a lot of work done instead of feeling guilty for not hanging out with my parents. However, I will miss them, eating well, and shopping in Charlottesville.

I stumbled on this interactive thing from the Economist (via Wonkette): would the rest of the world elect Obama or McCain? It’s a no brainer, but isn’t it odd that McCain would carry unstable nations (Iraq, Moldova, Macedonia, Sudan, Dem. Republic of the Congo). Overwhelmingly, the world wants Obama.

Being a J-major is a little rough stuff. It’s getting to the point where I’m still feeling overwhelmed, but it’s a different type of overwhelmed. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed because I didn’t remember how to do anything reporting related. Now that I’m back in the groove, the bar has been raised, along with the papers and projects in my other classes. So yay.

I had a couple stories run last week (since they held my story on the financial crisis until last week) and I also did my newsmaker last week, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The biggest challenge actually was finding someone to interview, rather than the interview itself.

I only have one this week, and then it’s election coverage time. I’m actually glad I’m working on RR this term and year because I get to be a part of the coverage of the most important election of my life, up until now. Okay, so maybe I’m just covering the mayor race in a very small town, but still. My working title for my mayor race coverage is “E-Lex-tion 2008.” Pretty sweet!

One of the things I’ve been overcoming from my reporting class is my hatred for talking to strangers. Now, I hate it a little less.

PS: This might have made my 2 Sundays ago…MCHammer is now following me on Twitter. Now I feel like my Twittexistence has been truly justified.

PSS: One of my friends said was I was mysterious…if journalism doesn’t work out I guess I could be a spy..

PSSS: This post was originally started October 15, and then life decided to ambush me.

Today is a good day.

“Like Yankel, she repeats things until they are true, or until she can’t tell whether they are true or not,” says the wonderful novel, Everything Is Illuminated.

Today is a good day. Today is a good day. Today is a good day. Say it with me, and there will be two of us having good days.

Coasting off my 4-day lethargy (yay, random 2-day break in October) was a little harsh, but I’m learning to live and adapt, as usual. Classes are the same crazy mayhem and nonstop work. My reporting class is seriously taking over my life. I’m doing a story on the Wachovia/Wells Fargo merger and I want to get a local business’s opinion on it, namely a local business that has an account at Wachovia. Apparently, no one banks at at Wachovia or is willing to talk on camera about it, until I went into this lovely antiques store, and the old people who run it are willing to talk, but only in a very limited time slot (eg, the same time as my j-ethics class). So, I’m skipping class for another one. Ethical dilemma? Priorities? Yes. And my newsmaker is on Wednesday too! AGH, this week. 

I had the best lunch of my life today too–and I kid you not. A few steps away from campus is the Healthy Foods Co-Op, which is a fabulous little organic/health food shop. I buy some locally produced romaine lettuce and dill havarti (it is creamy crack) there but Healthy Foods also does lunch. For $6.54, you get a very generous helping of completely organic and made-from-scratch food that is as close to awesome as food in this college town gets. Today I had Italian whole wheat mac and cheese (from ricotta and asiago, not that fake bright orange stuff), steamed sesame carrots, and the most amazing squash casserole. I don’t think I’ve ever had an epic lunch like that before. Seriously epic. That’s why I love local and organic food. There was a very similar place I went to in Copenhagen — right in the heart of Christiania (where all the hippies are, natch). I don’t remember what I had, but it was awesome too, much better than Digestives and Nutella, and well worth the 60 kroner. 

I turned in my story on ONA, added my bio and picture onto the student newsroom page, and I sent orders to the printers for oosters for an extracurricular thing. 

Also, I always run into the love of my college life when I am experiencing a good hair day (3 for 3). Loves it! I think not caring plays a part in this. While I’ve had a soft spot for this kid since freshman year (o-week onwards), it’s not like I’m actively trying to run into him or trying to start anything more than a routine hello. Eh, I’m a senior and I don’t care about it anymore.

Ah, I have more work I need to do!

I’m doing what a maverick would do in this situation.

OH EM GEE. I am super busy. I’m not sure how I’m finding time to blog about how much I don’t have time to blog, but whatevs. 

First of all, I would like to declare my undying love for Twitter (for my microblogging needs). The 2nd Presidential Debates were tonight, which were in Nashville, Tenn. at Belmont University (which I’ve never heard of until last month, and apparently it’s right next door to Vandy).

Alas, I could not witness this momentous event because I was at equally important event: my intramural flag football game against Kappa Delta (and actually knowing what was going on). I play a mean tight end  (cue the “that’s what she said” comments) even though I think I’m too small to be on the offensive line. KD didn’t even show up, so we automatically win, and we spent like 45 minutes practicing our plays.

An hour and a half later, filled with hellfire and domination and happy endorphins from running around and being with my friends, I tuned into the live debate stream on CNN.com (God bless them) and just caught Dan Rather’s “..and that concludes tonight’s debates.” But all was not lost, since I logged into my Twitter and read up on my friends’ inspiring tweets while they were livetweeting the debates. How awesome is that? Anyone with a Twitter account and a TV can watch, offer their commentary, and other random people like me can read that and be edified, thanks to Twitter’s live tweet-ticker. I absolutely love it. Along with shoes, M.I.A. (pre-Pineapple Express), Cold War Kids, and cheap sweaters from Zara. 

I have my beat reporting class tomorrow. Even though it’s so demanding, I enjoy the part where I get out of the university bubble and get to know people in the community. It’s taught by 2 professors, and one of them is pretty chill, but that automatically means the other professor is a hardass. Yup. We have like 40 pages of reading on top of following a beat. Outrageous. I’m betting 2/3 of my class will show up drunk like they did last Friday, and at least class will be entertaining. Loves it! I also love how the J-School is 99.9999% female and maybe an hour in the J-Lab will catch you up on whatever gossip happened over the weekend. It’s pretty much the way I stay informed.