Facebook is the best

Yes it is. Only through it can I know intimate and life-shattering details (such as a pregnancy and subsequent birth or an engagement) about my former classmates without having to actually talk to them.

I know it sounds horrible, but it’s true. Many of those people are high school classmates who I had nothing in common with (you know how you know people but aren’t friends with them) except for the fact that I went to the same high school/college with them.

On the flipside, some people will do TMI on Facebook, and most likely, they are trainwrecks. Like I don’t want to know how many pounds you just lost and how some guy stood you up. Those are the kind of details I cringe to read, so good thing there’s the hide feature.

Also, I don’t like how it tries to make me write on someone’s wall. There is a reason I haven’t “reconnected” with a certain person. Or five. “Help make Facebook better for her. Write on her wall.” WTF? When did Facebook start becoming guilt-trip grandma?

It almost brings as much awkwardness as Bluetooth headsets.